Beaucanon Estate releases 2005 Cabernet Franc

2005 Cabernet Franc 227x150 Beaucanon Estate releases 2005 Cabernet Franc

Beaucanon Estate releases their 2005 Cabernet Franc. This youthful wine is a mixture of blackberries and fruit, a generous dash of oak, and subtle aromas of smoke, tea and violets. The 2005 Cabernet Franc is an example of the growing maturity of Beaucanon’s plantings — complex and bold on the palate, with prominent acid tannins that ensure a long cellar life of 10+ years. Abundant red and black fruit flavors, vanilla, and cinnamon spice promise an incredible reward for your patience.

With a little breathing in a decanter, the Cabernet Franc will release delicate notes of red cherry, lavender and mineral earth, adding depth and interest. On the palate, the fruit takes over, with a rush of red and black berries dominating with savory oak. Darker elements of earth and cocoa flavors whisper around the edge. The Cabernet Franc will add zest to a variety of dishes, including poultry lasagna, Middle Eastern and Greek food.
The 2005 Cabernet Franc is one of 10 wines Beaucanon Estate produces and will be available immediately. Suggested Retail Price is $27.00.

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